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Leduc, AB


Visitation Policy


We are a home breeder and not a kennel. Our home is a wonderful place for our moms to receive great care, training and the puppies fantastic socialization.    We are very busy with our family and even more so when puppies are here. The safety and routine for our puppies is very important for us to raise healthy well balanced puppies for your family. Please be considerate of our schedule, our time, and the safety of our dogs.

We often have people asking about coming to visit our home to meet our breeding dogs and puppies.  We understand this as I would want to visit a potential breeder if I were interested in adding a new furry family member. Most of our breeding dogs live in guardian homes so unless they are here for breeding times they are enjoying life with their families. We only do hands on visits with our fully vaccinated dogs and with families that fill in our application form and have been approved to adopt one of our potential pups permitting we don’t have any fully unvaccinated pups here. There are many factors when we have litters on the ground. We keep our home clean and aim to keep our puppies free from any contagious or deadly viruses.

 Our puppies are vulnerable and rely on their mom to provide some immunity for the first 6 weeks as they do not receive any vaccinations from our vet until 6.5-7 weeks (puppies require three series of vaccines to be considered ‘safe’ to be joining puppy classes and out socializing with other vaccinated and healthy dogs. We recommend no off leash dog parks with young pups and waiting until they are around a year to do so). Due to our puppies not being vaccinated until 6.5 weeks they are at risk to fall ill which can lead to death. Some factors that can cause illness are stress related with new visitors, viruses that can unwittingly come in on a visitor's shoes and clothing, over-handling, temperament changes, and even stress in their mothers. Our moms love their family and meeting new people but can find visitors very stressful when their pups are young and under 5 weeks of age.  The dangers of exposing young puppies to these things is very serious and can be detrimental to a breeding program and the welfare of our dogs. 

The health and well being of our pups and dogs are our ultimate concern. We only allow visitors for our scheduled six-week puppy visitations (weather permitting or via live online chat), which are only for the families that have a deposit on the litter.  When you have a deposit on a litter and it is time for your scheduled puppy visitation or pick up day we kindly ask the following:

  • All visitors will immediately remove their shoes, before entering our home. 

  • Wear clothes that have not be in contact with other animals the same day of your visit.

  • Please do not visit our home if you have been visiting a farm, shelter, pet store or vet clinic.  No other dogs are permitted to visit.