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Why we Early Spay & Neuter

Spay/neuter is such a huge subject and early spay neuter is even more of large and debated subject. Early spay and neuter is considered anything before the age of 2. Most vets like to do it around 6 months of age. At Bow Valley Labradoodles we do our ESN around 7 weeks (usually 5 days before our puppies go home).

As for us at Bow Valley Labradoodles, we have 3 main reasons we choose to do the early spay/neuter for you and our Labradoodle puppies.

You as the puppy owner, the adjustment and work of adopting an Australian Labradoodle puppy and having everyone settle in together as a family is a fun journey, but it will have it’s challenges and also it’s stressful times. We feel like we can reduce the stress 100% for you as a family when your Labradoodle puppy turns 6 months old if we have the unpleasant task done before you take your adopted Australian Labradoodle puppy home. There are always with surgery the out side chances that something will go amiss during the procedure. With the Labradoodle puppy still in our care we will be responsible for any extra cost or worst case possible ~ death. Very rare and we have not experienced this. So when 6 months rolls around you and your family can relax knowing that it is just another enjoyable month with no extra cost or stresses..

For us and our Australian Labradoodles. We are dedicated to furthering this wonderful breed and to preserve it as a complete and pure breed as the developers planned it to be. For us the early spay neuter protects our genetics. We have done a lot of work and put a lot of cost into gathering the genetics that we have, we would like to protect them from careless breeders and from accidental litters being born to unprepared families. Puppies are a TON of work and lots of families wanting the experience are not prepared to take on the amount of effort and time required. We also do not want to see any of our Australian Labradoodle puppies go into shelters and so we offer to take back any puppy adopted from us if the adoptive family can no longer care for the Labradoodle puppy.

For the puppy. Australian Labradoodle puppies that are early spay/neutered at an early age are less likely to have complications. They are under anesthetic for a shorter period of time and thus they recover quicker and easier. Our vets tell us to keep them quiet for at least a couple of days! This is as challenging as keeping a healthy toddler in bed. They feel fine and want to explore their world. Bow Valley has been doing the ESN for 8 years and we have not had any puppies families report back that there were complications due to having the surgery done at 7 weeks instead of 6 months. We want the best and easiest route for our Labradoodle puppies.

The early spay/neuter also helps prevent several types of cancers and well as intact dog behaviours. It really is a help to the puppy as well as the world at large. Our shelters are full of unwanted puppies/dogs and it is up to us to do our part!

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