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Leduc, AB


About us

My name is Christina, and I am the owner of Bow Valley Labradoodles. I have grown up with dogs since I was a child. My family had two golden retrievers that I absolutely loved. They were so loyal and smart. I knew that I always wanted to have dogs in our home and dreamed one day of having my own breeding program where I could share this love with others and pass on great family pets.


Cortana's first litter and gorgeous boy Benni  

Cortana's first litter and gorgeous boy Benni  

When my Husband and I started our search for our first family pet we considered several breeds, but the decision to buy an Australian Labradoodle was an easy one. They are very social, easy to train, even tempered, athletic, smart and allergy friendly which is important as both my son and I have allergies to dogs.  We bought our first girl, Coulee's Cortana 8 years ago. Coulee's Cortana was our first breeding girl. She is now retired and has two daughters that are in our program in wonderful guardian homes. We are so excited to see her traits passed on as well as her personality in her daughters and to many little puppies. 

Since than we are slowly growing and breeding responsibly. Thanks to our wonderful guardian families who take excellent care of our breeding dogs. We are a small family breeder and I absolutely love what I do. I was a teacher before breeding so my goal is to educate and support our families. My three children are excellent helpers giving our puppies the best start with great social interaction and stimulation daily. Our dogs live with us and travel with us. Our litters are raised in our home and are in the center of all our household happenings. 

Our small group of dogs get daily exercise and training on our acreage. Needless to say I love this breed and are passionate about sharing Australian Labradoodles with those looking to add excellent family member (s).